The Practice will be closed on Monday 27th May, due to the Spring Bank Holiday.  Out of Hours services will still be available. For urgent medical advise, please call 111. In the event of a life threatening emergency, please call 999.

If you are likely to run out of medication before Tuesday 28th May, please submit your request in writing or using the online form on or before Wednesday 22nd May.

The Practice will reopen as normal on Tuesday 28th May at 08:00.


Infection Control Statement

Infection Control Annual statement April 2023

We expect our Practice to be clean and tidy and to offer a safe environment for all our patients, visitors and staff. To meet infection control and safety standards guidance our GP’s and Nurses follow protocols that guide treatment processes and the use of clinical equipment. 

Staff, visitors and patients are encouraged to raise any concerns they have or report any significant incidents relating to cleanliness and infection control.  Concerns are reviewed and actioned by the appropriate manager in the Practice. Significant events are discussed at our quarterly Clinical Governance meetings. In either case learning will be discussed and if appropriate actions will be taken to identify improvements we can make to avoid any future problems. 

This annual statement will be generated each year. Reviewing the previous fiscal year it will summarise: 

  • Any infection control concerns or significant events including any actions taken. 
  • Any infection control audits completed including the outcome and any actions taken. 
  • Details of any infection control risk assessments completed. 
  • Details of any infection control staff training. 
  • Any review or update to policies procedures and guidelines.

Infection Control Lead 
Practice Nurse Kate Hamlet is the Practice Lead for Infection Control at the Bosmere Medical Practice assisted by Mrs Helen Pinder, Practice Manager and Mrs Anita Arnold, Operational Manager. GP lead for Infection Control is Dr.T Chung. 

Significant Events 
In the fiscal year (1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023) there were no significant events related to infection control. 

Risk Assessments and Audits 
Risk assessments are a structured approach to outlining risks and identifying actions that can reduce or eliminate these risks. These actions can then be integrated into Practice protocols to ensure all staff are following processes that minimise or eliminate risk wherever possible. 

COVID-19 PPE requirements remained active for much of 2022 and into early 2023. The Practice managers and the partners have met as required to discuss and review the risks. The Practice changed their policy on masks in practice on 13/03/2023 when the wearing of masks was made optional for patients and staff. 

Protocols relating to infection control risks will continue to be written and updated as required. 

There have been no Infection Control risk assessments unrelated to COVID-19. 

Audits evaluate the level of compliance with current guidance and help ensure that infection control standards are maintained continuously. 

09/2022 A waste audit was completed by Emily Hale, Deputy Operations Manager. This identified that future waste audits would be more appropriate to be completed by a clinical member of staff. This has been actioned. 

02/2023 A waste audit was completed by Ayshea Hind, Nurse Clinical Manager. This identified that staff were still putting the odd item into the incorrect clinical waste containers. Clinical staff were updated on the correct use of waste containers. It was also recognised that there have been multiple occasions when correctly coloured sharp container supply has been an issue. The Assistant Nursing Team manager has been actioning this with our supply company directly. 

03/2023 A general infection control audit was completed by Ayshea Hind. The Practice scored 97%. 

Staff Training 
Annual training has been and will continue to be undertaken as follows: 

  • Annual Infection Control updates to be undertaken by all staff at the practice electronically. 
  • Staff training to attend refresher training as per training guidelines. 
  • All staff to have a refresher on hand hygiene and be certified competent.

Cleaning Specifications 
Procare continue to be our cleaning service provider. During the last fiscal year they adhered to PPE requirements and attended for additional deep cleaning as required. 

Policies, Protocols and Guidelines 
It is our aim to review, update and create policies, procedures and guidelines annually or sooner if needed. As the pandemic status continues to change and national policies and guidance change the Practice will continue to adjust its protocols. It remains our policy to only use single use instruments. 

Infection Control continues to be a key focus for the practice and we remain committed to the safe and effective care of our patients and the safe working environment to our staff.